Two of our recent projects have received Gold Nugget Awards in 2014. St. Joseph's Family Apartments located in Oakland, CA received the Grand Award for the best affordable 30-60 du/acre and Venn on Market located in San Francisco, CA received the Award of Merit for best multi-family housing project over 60 du/acre.

St. Joseph's Family Apartments

2014 Gold Nugget Grand Award Winner for Best Affordable Housing Project - 30-60 du/acre

Judges Statement: This is a very good design that successfully complements and completes the first phase of this development without overshadowing the beautiful historic structures. The new construction is very straightforward, a dignified addition that steps town toward the existing buildings, framing the historic renovation. The new façade integrates with the overall development yet stands on its own architecturally. There are very nice interiors in the historic building that retain the details and historic fabric of the construction. The new units are crisp and light-filled, with great views. The result is a unique multi-generational, mixed-use campus.

Venn on Market

2014 Gold Nugget Award of Merit for Best Multi-Family Housing Project – over 60 du/acre